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Brass Turkish Tea Set

This beautiful set of six Turkish tea glass holders and serving cups is in excellent condition with no any wear or damage, it consists of a complexity of gold etched design on the housing which is back to the same color and design as the tea leaves themselves. The cups are also in excellent condition with no any wear or damage, there is one minor nick on the top left cup which is not very significant and should be liberals not correctable. The sets contains six cups including the one listed, which is a terrific addition to each tea drinker's collection.

Brass Turkish Tea Set Amazon

The Brass Turkish tea set is a beneficial addition to your tea collection, this set contains 12 glass holders and four saucers, first-rate for serving your drinks. The set also comes with a cup and saucer, making it basic to get to your drinks, the set of six tea glasses have saucers that hold the tea and holders for a comfortable grip. The set is also silver finished to look like Turkish culture, this is a sterling set of seven Brass tea sets from a reputable brand. The sets come in 9 tall heels, with polished Brass elements, this set is a sensational alternative to enjoy a cup of hot tea, or single origin from turkey. The sets come with a box and case, this Brass tea set series is sure to pick up a few ounces of tea over time. This Brass Turkish tea set is a beautiful piece of art, it features solid Brass engraving on the tea set and 8 individual teas. It is sure to give your tea room to take care of business.