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Chinese Tea Set Clay

This new generation of tea sets comes in Clay style, what's included in asian Chinese ceramic Clay tea set is a teapot, two cups, a saucer and digging flowers. These sets come in multiple colors and patterns so you can create a peerless look for your tea set.

Chinese Yixing Tea Set

The Chinese tea set is a peerless addition to your tea set, this set contains 9 pcs of zisha purple Clay purple sand tea set fine tea pot tea cups and tea cups for plurals. The set also comes with a purple sand tea cake, the tea set is go and top-rated for any tea needs. This zisha purple Clay purple sand tea set is a very interesting piece of tea set, it contains 9 pieces, each of which are small but important for its own unique story. The set comes with a fine zisha purple Clay tea set pot and teapot, these create a beautiful purple tea set that is fantastic for any tea party. This Clay tea set is a first-rate addition to all kitchen, the black side handle teapot peerless for making tea, and the two cup set is exquisite for trying out new tea recipes. The set also includes a teapot and a filter, this Clay tea set includes 5 different types tea sets, each of which is excellent for a specific region of china. The set comes in a miniature teapot case, fantastic for taking with you on your travels.