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Decaf Tea Sets

This gift set is an enticing substitute to enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends or family while also getting a little bit of caffeine rushes, the natural flavor of the tea sets is top-of-the-heap for folks with sensitivities. The set comes with one coffee mug and one tea mug.

Best Decaf Tea Sets

The Decaf tea set is a sweet and tasty gift set that includes two baggies of decaffeinated tea, the set can be used for any purpose - as an intermingling tool, as a beverage of late smoothness or as an environment-wide anti-inflammatory ritual. The baggies are variety set at that offer a good amount of flavor and a place to put their leaves upon delivery, this gift set is a ṣhītee-dishwashing this stash herbal Decaf tea sampler 40 tea bag 20 flavor assortment presents a variety of flavors to choose from. It is ideal for admirers who grove on to drink decaffeinated tea, this set comes with 40 tea bags, which means that you can have a variety of tea at all times. The set as well fridge safe, so you can enjoy your tea in the comfort of your home, our organic tea sets come complete with three different teas: ginger, echinacea, and decaffeinated earl grey. These sets are valuable surrogate to get three drinks while keeping your tea life alive, this gift set is a top-grade substitute to enjoy a cup of decaffeinated tea while being helpful and unique. The bag variations are jafar from the wicker man and the both with natural flavor profile, and the set also includes two spoons to help with service.