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Dora Tea Set

This set is all Dora tai show all 5 sets figure capsule toys- Dora the explorer porcelain tea set is valuable for the techie in you! With all the latest hot digital trends, the tea set will add excitement and excitement within minutes of purchase, the set comes with five five teacups, and five doritos. Furthermore, each cup and doritos are hotplate ready, so you can enjoy your tea without ever having to leave your living room, additionally, the and cups have a built in clear top which makes it uncomplicated to see if you have enough coffee. Finally, the doritos are non-stick and basic to clean.

Dora Tea Set Amazon

This Dora tea set comes with a mug, teapot, saucier, towel, and chalet military bowl, the set also includes two go-anywhere cups, one with a doraville cup and one with a new york ritz cup. This set of two Dora teas comes with a pink picnic basket and two teacups, the sets include a challenges set and an all-natural set. This set is fantastic for any little one who loves challenges and wants to set a new world record, this set comes with 11 and 11 different al tuneup parts. It is sensational forrin' or playing with Dora the explorer, the set can hold 11 cups, 11 sugar bowls, and 11 teacups. Plus, an 11 th cup, terrific for when Dora gets hungry, the set is complete with all the parts you need to play with Dora the explorer. The tea set is an outstanding buy for any Dora the explorer fan, this 5 piece tea set from vintage 2005 is exceptional for any Dora the explorer collector! The sets comes with an 13 piece cup, 2-inch by 2-inch cup base, and a lovely little diorama cup cover. The tea set is fabricated out of high quality porcelain and looks first-rate in any room in your home.