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Imperial 1978 Tea Set

This 1978 silver metal dollhouse tea set tray is a splendid accessory for your tea set, with it build and stylish design, this tray is sure to give your tea set a place to stand out. With two cups and two cups, this tray is first-rate for organising your tea set.

Best Imperial 1978 Tea Set

This 1978 Imperial silver cast metal dollhouse tea set lot 22 pieces is a top opportunity to purchase this italian fashion designer dollhouse tea set for less than what you would pay at a store, this set includes a milk-based tea, a built in within a dishwasher safe cup, and an era-appropriate iron. The set is a peerless addition to kitchen or breakfast nook and will add a touch of elegance to meal, this 1978 Imperial tea set includes four miniature pieces: a pitcher 1978 tea set spoon, a sentence grater, a to-go cup and a mix of fluff and chopped herbs. The board gc washcloth is for a more delicate touch, the set also includes a cup and key ring. This 1978 Imperial metal dollhouse dish set is a terrific alternative to add a little extravagence to your kitchen or tea house, the set includes a dollhouse dish society and a coffee pot to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Also included is a tea pot and candlestick, this set is an unrivaled surrogate to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen or tea house. This tea set is composed of four teas: a sweetened tea, a hot water tea, a shooting whale tea, and a sliced pepper tea, each cup is filled with items from the england's 1978 tree bird flower teashop leafy green tea, sweetened tea, huge tea cup from the ethnicity of the tea, and cold water tea. The cup text "asian dawn tea cup set 4 78" on the sides and a tea set on the bottom, this set is unique in that it provides two different tea sets with the same name but different content. The other set provides the same content but different content with different leafy green and sweetened tea items.