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Kahla Tea Set

This tea set contains two porcelain teacups and two sugar bowls, as well as a creamer, 5"h x 2. 5"w x 2.

Kahla Tea Set Value

This children's set includes a cup, saucier, teapot, spoon, and milk, it is first-rate for on-the-go enjoyed by all. The high-quality porcelain material makes it feel like you're eating breakfast at home, the tea set is a beneficial way to enjoy a cup of hot tea at any time of day! This set includes a single cup, bag and tea set chili powder. It is top for any morning joe or this tea set is a valuable opportunity to purchase a pre-owned piece of tea history, the set includes an old-world sieve and cup maker, as well as a few other period pieces. The cup is fabricated out of made-in-germany quality materials, and the sieve and maker are in better condition than you'll find anywhere else, this set is a first-rate alternative to enjoy a few good cups of this winter. This gdr child's tea set extends 15 pieces that will make your child's day, made of delicate porcelain, it comes with a yellow rose floral design. and while it's not pushy about how much it costs, it offers an 15-inch height (and thus enticing for a small child), an 12-inch width (again, fantastic for a small child), and an 9, 5-inch depth.