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Korean Tea Set Celadon

This is an unique Celadon dragon handcrafted wine server set that features a tea pot and ceramic sake vessel, it is 8 bowls with an 12 vase. The set is produced from high quality ceramic and gives a Celadon color, it is a valuable addition to each wine server.

Korean Tea Set Celadon Ebay

This is a traditional Korean green Celadon 8 pc tea set strainer cup saucer lid x2 nib, this is a set of tea set that includes a strainer cup, cup lid, and an 2-pack of saucers. The cup is Celadon blue and the lid is Celadon green, the set contains a strainer cup and cup lid, both of which are Celadon blue. There are two saucers: a black and a white, the set is modern, and features a traditional look and feel. The Korean tea set features an 7 piece pottery porcelain tea set, this set is best-in-the-class for an individual scouring for an old school vibe without breaking the bank. The set includes a tea pot, cup, saucer, and this piece is airy and casual which is outstanding for any tea party or wedding, this set includes a Celadon 6-pice tea set bowl, teapot and top. The set would also include a history book on traditional Korean tea culture, the Korean tea set Celadon is a beautiful blue in color. It is produced of heavy weight materials and comes with 20 pieces of Celadon tea sets, this set is splendid for enthusiasts who appreciate to drink k-tea.