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Personalized Tea Set

Our Personalized tea set is a first-rate alternative to enjoy a cup of coffee without anything extra, our set includes 6 coffee cups, each with an unique saucer detail. Our set is ready to serve with our individual service stand and carousel.

Cheap Personalized Tea Set

This Personalized tea set comes with 6 porcelain signed and numbered tea sets, each set comes with a tattoo design on the front of the tea set and 6 individual tea pieces. The Personalized tea set by rothschild pattern is exquisite for 6 people, it comes with a teapot, tearer, teacup, mh teaboard and spare teaspoon. This Personalized tea set includes an 6 person tea set and each person gets their own unique teapot, teapot with holder, and teapot handle, the tea set also includes coffee, sugar, and milk. This set is sensational for any individual and will make a peerless gift, the Personalized tea set pattern for 6 people is exquisite for any tea lover. The set comes with an 6 porcelain tea sets that will make you a single cup or feeling.