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Peter Rabbit Tea Set Wedgwood

This vintage porcelain be potter Peter Rabbit tea set is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor, this set contains two cups, one teapot, one carafe, each with an unique surface design. The tea set is dated 1897 and contains all the classic features of a product such as a carafe, teapot, and sugar, the set is a first rate substitute to add a touch of luxury to your home décor.

Teapot Lid Sugar Bowl Creamer
1980s  Rare
Wedgewood Beatrix Potter Vintage Children's Nursery Set

Beatrix Potter Tea Set - Wedgwood

This be potter tea set is an exceptional addition to home décor, the set includes a young girl, her dog, and a milk carton full of tea. The carton grants the author's name and address on it, and the tea is written in green ink, the set is individually wrapped and contains a milk carton, a loose tea and two milk cartons. This Peter Rabbit tea set by 10 piece tea set original box vtg is a fantastic value for your money, it comes with an 10 piece teapot, 10 piece spoon, 2 set and set each of which can be used for one pot. The teapot is fabricated of porcelain and the spoons are metal, the pot and spoon are also porcelain. The teapot and spoon are in the original box, and the 10 piece teapot as well in the original box, the teapot is again in its original condition. The teapot is 9 inches in height and 1 inch in diameter, the tea set is covered in soft green enamel, and the teapot is covered in soft green enamel. The spoons are covered in soft green enamel, the teapot and spoon are covered in soft green enamel. There is a little wear on the enamel on the spoons, and there is some wear on the teapot, the teapot is fabricated of porcelain, and the spoons are made of metal. The teapot and spoon are both made of porcelain, the teapot is 10 inches in height, and the spoons are 9 inches in height. This Peter Rabbit tea set is exquisite for children who grove on to drink tea, the six tea sets make a first-rate addition to each room and can serve as a top-rated symbol of tea at the same time. The set includes an 4-pack of teabags, a creamer, and a mug, it also includes warne's phone number and this set is a best-in-class alternative to show off children's intelligence and is an exceptional gift for any child who loves tea.