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Plan Toys Tea Set

Plan Toys is a brand that specializes in creating eco-friendly products, this set of six pieces teapot cups saucer is an outstanding example of what Plan Toys gives created. The teapot is eco-friendly, the cups are sustainable, and the saucer is a fantastic accessory for any room in your home.

Plan Toys Wooden Tea Set

This Plan Toys wooden tea set is a fantastic surrogate to keep your tea enjoy fun while you serve up your favorite momento in a set of materials that are basic to clean and will add some extra interest to your kitchen setting, the set comes with a doug the dog, an excellent candidate for a tea drinking journey with this set. Doug is hued in wooden and metal age group and loves to drink his tea with his hands, the Plan Toys wooden tea set grants two spoons for his hands to grip and a perky timer to keep him entertained. The set also comes with a cup, saucier and a milk can, all with a focus on being uncomplicated to clean and durable. Plan Toys tea set is a fun and stylish tea set that will make your child feel like they're the meekest! The set includes 3604 new wood wooden play food and a sustainable organic toy! These set will keep your child entertained and excited at the same time, this Plan Toys tea set is sensational for your little one's favorite toy box! There are 11 pieces in all, and they can be connected to create a whole chatty world of personalized tea set fun. The 11 different toy pieces can do the talking, and the tea will make everything better, Plan Toys tea set is an unequaled surrogate to start the year with a sweetened gift for your loved ones. This set includes two wooden tea sets and a sustainable-friendly bag.