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Primula Flowering Tea Set

This tea set includes a cups set, saucer set, and plate, the cups are filled with Primula flowers and the saucer is filled with tea. The plate is filled with colorful tea cups.

Primula Flowering Tea Set Amazon

This gift set contains: - 1 teaboard - 1 bottle of Primula Flowering tea - 1 statue of tester - 1 circular mug this gift set includes four re-create of the Primula blossom pot, this set is an unrivaled choice to enjoy an 40 oz glass teapot and get four different fragrances for your tea set. The infuser allows you to top off your tea with just a little water, and the flowers allow for growth, the set also includes an 12-pack of infusers, making it uncomplicated to keep up with your tea needs. The new Primula Flowering teas gift set comes with an 4 mug set, 5 tea flowers, and a teapot infuser, this set is top-of-the-heap for that special someone who loves to cook! This tea set contains a variety of teas that can be enjoyed during any time of the day. From loose teas to infusion teas, new - Primula Flowering teas gift set is will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your morning ointment, the tea pot with loose tea infuser is fantastic for mornings where you need a little more tea than is available from the grocery store. The 10 Flowering teas in the set make up a total of 30 seconds of tea, which is plenty for any day.