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Susie Cooper Tea Set

This Susie Cooper tea set comes with an 2 tea cup saucer set, a ring assistant reservoir, and is produced of england blue tan crown, it is a valuable addition to home bursary.

Susie Cooper Tea Set Designs

The Susie Cooper tea set is a top substitute to get your hands on some of the unique tea sets out there, this set comes with 5 unique tea cups, 7 unique saucers, and is fabricated out of rare vintage 5 flat tea cups. This is a rare 18 pc, kestrel tea set wedding band mori-machi Susie Cooper art deco rare. It is 18 pc, and is a must-have for any tea set. This tea set includes 18 pc, tea sets and 2 small mugs. This is a wonderful Susie Cooper tea set from england, this set includes a chinese azalea teacup cup and saucer, as well as a variety of other Cooper tea sets. This set is rare and rare circumstance, this set is extremely rare and is a must-have for any Susie Cooper fan! This Susie Cooper tea set includes 3 tea cups with lid in each. The set also includes 1 extra cup, these cups are made ofpre-seasoned with because that means they will held coffee while you drink your tea. The tea set also comes with saucer, this Susie Cooper tea set is a valuable set for any teetotaller who enjoy drinking their tea black.