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Uzbek Tea Set

This unique Uzbek tea set will make your teapot look like a world-renowned general, the cotton tea set is produced to be comfortable to hold and the teacup is of high-quality cotton. It's an excellent surrogate to show off your to others or to have in your kitchen.

Uzbek Tea Set Walmart

This set of two Uzbek tea sets is carefully made of ceramic and pomegranate fruits, it is a fantastic addition to all tea room. The sets contains two tea cups, two teacups, two saucers and two saucers, the cups are made of stainless steel with an unique design, while the teacups are made of plastic. They are both high quality and high quality products, this set is an unequaled gift for the custome-loved or for any who loves tea. The set includes tea complete with break and pour spouts, and a mug with foot bath and shower, the set also gives a hand teapot with zamfru-d-pasha design and a black enameled mug with white amethyst design. This set peerless for a trip to the store or an occasional tea party, this Uzbek tea set includes a mug and two cups. The mug is manufactured of alloy and gives a yellow-green color, it is manufactured of plastic and offers a tough design. The cups are made of hard plastic and have a yellow-green color, they are practical for any coffee lover! This set is a top-of-the-line substitute to get a new taste of Uzbek tea into your life. The set includes a tea cup and saucer, as well as a teapot, the cup is fabricated of ceramic and the saucer is manufactured of plastic. This set is a practical surrogate to keep your tea tradition alive.