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Wedding Gift Tea Set

This tea set is exquisite for the individual who is digging to celebrate their special day with friends and family, the set includes two porcelain cups, one with a double symbol for happiness and one with a symbol for wisdom, which will left you with a happy feeling all night long. This set is a sterling substitute to have a means your guests with a delicious Gift and a first-class surrogate to show your appreciation.

Wedding Gift Tea Set Ebay

This mrmugsgift-set for engagement Wedding anniversary is a sensational Gift for someone who loves coffee and tea! The coffee and tea mug set is a first-class substitute for someone who wants to celebrate their enjoy for each other special moments and era, the Wedding Gift set comes with 6 tea cups each with an unique design. The cups are, this beautiful tea set comes with a music box and a silver Wedding anniversary tea pot. They are both practical for the married and future marrieds! This Wedding Gift tea set comes with a set of two candle holders and a coffee mug, it is sensational for storing your tea during a Wedding or party.