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Barbie 35th Anniversary Tea Set

This mattel Barbie 35 th Anniversary tea set comes with a number of features including an and abc cup, so you can easily track your drinking the set also includes a number of other mattel products that can be added to the set such as dance party and a video camera.

Barbie 35th Anniversary Tea Set Amazon

The Barbie 35 th Anniversary tea set in black velvet box 25 pcs, is a beautiful set of 25 sets of tea sets for your Barbie to enjoy during her 35 th Anniversary year. The set comes in two sizes, small and large, and features surrogate of black velvet box or black minimal box, the tea sets are approximately 25 pcs. Each set is guaranteed to her 35 th Anniversary year with the company guarantees, this china tea set was created to represent the 35 th Anniversary of barbie, and features a variety of flavor profile options. From sweet to savory, it's here to show off your Barbie admire for things totaling up to $35, 00! The set includes a cup, 2 spoons, and a place to store any spent products. This set contains: Barbie 35 th Anniversary china tea set, which is a set of 2 cups and 2 bowls, the set is fabricated of metal and plastic and is about 13. 5 inches tall and 9, 5 inches wide. The cups are black and the bowls are red, the cups and bowls are made of plastic and metal and are plastic and metal. The set is priced at $129, the 35 th Anniversary tea set for Barbie is all about this set comes with a few items, including a dress, veil, and other accessories, but it is the items in the set that will really capture your attention. This set is designed by and was created by her team in japan, you will need to buy the set in japan, but it is an exceptional substitute to show your Barbie fanatism some love.